What is this?

Are you crippled by indecision? Are you rendered immobile and inert when attempting to choose what to have for dinner? Which movie to watch? What to drink, and you need to decide quickly, come on come on, because Janice is going to the bar right now, so just pick something quick?

Well fret no more, because The Wheel of Things is here to help.

Use the “Enter Things” page to add up to 20 Things, then spin the Wheel of Things!


  • You can use your space bar (if you have one) to start and stop the Wheel
  • You can also, of course, click/tap the Start/Stop button
  • Click “Change Things” to add/remove/edit your Things
  • The Wheel of Things should work on phone browsers as well as desktop
  • Example Wheels:

No liability will be accepted as a result of bad decisions made using The Wheel of Things. That’s on you.

© Clive Murray